My struggle with breastfeeding – a personal story of when things don’t go as planned

Mental health awareness week is coming to an end, so I though I’d like to share a story with you. This is a story about my struggle with breastfeeding. How that is related to mental health? Well, when things don’t work out as planned it can have a huge effect on one’s mental health. My struggle led to my depression getting worse, so you could say that breastfeeding had a lot to do with my mental health. 

Struggles with breastfeeding are very familiar to a lot of mothers, but I don’t think they are talked about enough. And I think it is a shame, because I feel like stories like this should be shared just in case someone might be going through a similar thing and needs some peer support. 

Warning, this post was highly emotional for me to write. It will include my personal opinions which are very strong and probably unpopular. If you get triggered about these things easily, then I suggest you proceed with caution. I suggest you might even skip reading this altogether. I won’t mind, really. You need to do what is best for your mental health.

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Quick ways to boost your mood

Findgin Balance -Quick ways to boost your mood

Mood is a funny thing, especially if you’re a female. Actually, especially if you are human of any kind. One minute you can be in the best of moods and then suddenly you may feel like those cartoon characters with a a storm cloud over your head. Nobody likes to feel like that and definitely not all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, you are allowed to have a bad day, and it is even healthy to recognize your negative feelings. It is completely allowed to have those. But don’t you sometimes wish there were quick ways to boost your mood? I know I do.

This is why I have compiled a list of tried and true ways to boost your mood. Read on to find out if any of these could help you get into a more positive frame of mind.

quick ways to boost your mood

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9 Motivational Quotes for quick inspiration

motivational quotes findingbalance blog

Have you been lacking motivation lately? Maybe you’ve found it difficult to write a blog post or maybe it’s tough to even do ‘the basics’ such as cooking or cleaning? Because I sure have.

Lately I’ve found myself in an all-time low. I definitely don’t have motivation to write, or to even think about it some days. I’m not sure if it ‘s the current situation in the world, but I am struggling with pretty much everything these days, and I bet I am not the only one.

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Health benefits of using a sauna

health benefits of using a sauna //

When I grew up, Saturdays consisted of two things. Cleaning and sauna. First we would clean our house and then we would clean our bodies by detoxifying in sauna. Because in Finland most of us have one in our home.

So today I’m going to talk to you about this Finnish phenomenon, and the good things it can do to your health – both physically and mentally.

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Keep calm and this too shall pass [Covid19 rant].

blood moon

So this post is going to be a rant. It’s going to be a more or less immature rant about the current state of the world.

But I need to get this out there. I cannot be the only one in the blogosphere who feels like this during these trying times we are all facing.

If you do not feel like reading a rant post, then I suggest you stop reading here and protect your mental health. But if you want to read on to see if any of my feelings resonate with yours, then read on

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Low self-esteem and how to improve it.

low self-esteem blog banner

Low self-esteem is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I’m not 100% sure why that is, but I’m sure that if I went deep enough into the rabbit hole, it would have something to do with my childhood. I’m not going there, though, because that is a can of worms I do not care to open in my blog just yet. I think I’ll do that in therapy first. 

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The best basic workout routine to do at home

Lately I’ve started to notice a trend in Instagram and other social medias, where gyms and personal trainers are offering work-out sessions via live streaming during the Covid19 isolation. Which is, admittedly, a great way to make sure people stay in shape AND don’t forget about their favourite gym/PTs.

I used to hate working out at home. Maybe I felt like I don’t know what to do, or felt I wouldn’t get it done properly because I didn’t have any equipment for it. I was just being lazy, to be honest. Because the work-out routine I’m about to share with you blew my mind.

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6 things to do instead of obsessing about covid-19

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of covid-19 (pun intended). I’m sick of hearing about it, reading news about it and I am definitely sick of obsessing about it. As I spend my days mostly at home anyway due to maternity leave, social distancing is not really difficult to me at the moment. I fully support it, actually, in order to flatten the curve and to end this insanity as soon as possible.

I do find myself reading the news about this pandemic more often than not, though. It certainly does not do any good for my anxiety. So I’ve tried to think about what to do instead of constantly thinking about the current situation of the world.

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5 ways to calm yourself down

I have always been very temperamental. Even as a kid I had no problem laugh at one moment, then get angry in a heartbeat, and finish it all off by crying like a baby. Crying, especially, was my forte. (I still cry pretty easily, especially when I was pregnant. Oh yes, I’m the chick who cried at beer commercials.)

I don’t cry as much anymore. Yet, I do have one bad habit when it comes to feelings. I have a short temper. Now that (like most of the world) I am stuck at home almost 24/7 with the kids, it is emphasized even more. Now more than ever, I find, that it is important to everyone to learn how to keep calm. If you are like me and have hard time controlling your temper, then read on to find some ways to handle the situation.

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Hi, I’m a devil’s advocate.

Okay, I probably exaggerated a little with that title. Actually, I definitely did. The point is though, that I retook the Myer-Briggs personality test, and this is what it told me:

I am an ENTP “The Debater”.

“Debaters are the ultimate devil’s advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see.”


First off, WOW. I forgot how accurate this test can be. While reading through the results, I actually got a little paranoid. I felt someone was in my head because they knew me so well. I almost put on a foil hat. Then I realized I was being crazy and took a deep breath, put away the roll of foil and calmed down.

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